Fildo Apk, MP3 Downloader, Android Application

Fildo | MP3 Downloader,  Android Application

Fildo is an Android application which allow listen share and download music in your android mobile!

We also released Fildo Lite (Flite) Radio for Windows 10, Xbox One and Windows 10 Mobile and we are working on Fildo Lite iOS version!

Fildo app is a music application that lets you download or stream top-quality music from around the world.

There is one thing that makes Fildo app different from the other such apps out there. Fildo doesn’t have its own collection of music, but brings music from various sources at one place.

Fildo is considered to be one of the most powerful music apps you can get. Whether you want to stream the music or simply download it to listen to it offline, you can do it all.

Terms & conditions

Fildo does not host any mp3 files, it’s just an interface to third party mp3 search engines.

Fildo has no control over any web sites or resources which are provided by companies or persons other than Fildo.

If you have a copyright infringement complaint you can contact whichever of the following companies the suspected infringement:,, Xiami or QQ

Fildo Music App Download (Descargar fildo) [Android]:

You cannot download Fildo from play store as it isn’t available on it. But, that should not concern you. You can download it here:

Download Last version - v2.2.0   -   Mirror


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International Age Rating Coalition:

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Fildo Apk 2.2.0
  • 🤔 Fildo Music
  • Changed Api Netease to the new one, fixed about 99% of songs which not plays (like all imported playlists...).
  • Fixed register a new account, now tell you if your username/email was used, and tell you if your account has been created (before this always say Account Created but... nop).
  • Added recover password (yep... we didnt develop this until now ... xDD).
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Fildo Apk 2.1.5
  • 🤔 Fildo Music
  • Fixed Spotify importer for huge playlists.
  • Fixed Netease Playlists.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Fildo Apk 2.1.3
  • 🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added autocomplete on search, write what you want, wait for a moment and suggestions will appear.

Fildo Apk 2.1.1
  • 🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added "Local" tab under search results. Yes now you could search your downloaded music and play it :)

Fildo Apk 2.1.0
  • 🤔🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added bitrate selection under configuration (96Kbps, 160Kbps, 320Kbps).

Fildo Apk 2.0.9
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Performance improvments.
  • Improved the way to create new playlists, now you can create it just selecting any song.
  • Improved Offline mode. You can use Fildo without internet as offline player with your previously opened playlists.

Fildo Apk 2.0.5
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Fixed error on Spotify Importer.
  • Fixed error if you haven't Google Apps.
  • Now under playlists results you will get Netease playlists plus Fildo ones.
  • Fixed minor bugs that crash the app randomly.

Fildo Apk 2.0.3
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Fixed download error which makes that you can never download some songs.
  • Fix error on player/lyrics that make app crash after 6/7 songs.
  • Fixed rotation, now no rotate if you lock rotation.
  • Fixed "Download All" on "Various Artists" album now download under 1 folder not each song under his artist folder.

Fildo 1.9.9 Apk Hotfix 4
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Fildo Music
  • Fixed 2 major bugs, only this version or higher can save playlists.
  • About 1/4 of playlists has been removed to avoid a bug present in earliers version of Fildo.

Fildo 1.9.9 Apk
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • 1.99.2 Hotfix for 1.99.1 ... because 1.99 bug was for devices lower than 5.1 not 5.0...
  • 1.99.1 Hotfix for 1.99 version bug on devices under Android 5.0.
  • Fix error on 7.1.1 with some devices.
  • Added "Cover" to Player Queue View.
  • Added "Cover" to player bar.
  • Added Mark as Favorite on artists (You will get your favorite artist on Home screen).

Fildo 1.9.8 Apk
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • 1.9.8 just fix bug added on 1.9.7 sorry.
  • Fixed cover art bug.
  • Fixed FC bug on reopen fildo.
  • Fixed stop playing after while with turn off screen bug.
  • Renamed Kogou a Kugou.
  • Updated every internall component (better stability)

Fildo 1.9.6 Apk
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • New design.
  • Fixed minor bugs, and added others to fix in the future xDDD.

Fildo 1.9.4 Apk
  • 🤔🤔🤔
  • CoverArt now only will be added if dont exist, if download mp3 has CoverArt, fildo leave it.
  • When use "Download All" fildo dont notify one by one... now use only one notification which show total progress.
  • Fixed Kogou search... previously gave error in 75% of times...
  • Finally ... Fixed duplicated songs when import Spotify playlist with more than 100 songs.

Fildo 1.9.3 Apk
  • 🤔🤔
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • Added FLAC quality for download (when available) on songs from server Kogou

Fildo 1.9.2 Apk
  • We are sorry to notify that VK has been removed because VK will close public audio api this in a couple of days. Read more....
  • Added new impresive server... Kogou, this server works as Netease, you could search by artist, album or song, and you can do playlists with song from netease or/and kogou server :).
  • Fixed Spotify Importer

Fildo 1.9.1 Apk
  • Fixed 3 bugs related to force close errors.
  • Fixed bug on Add song to existent playlist.

Fildo 1.9.0 Apk
  • Improved internal http requests
  • Downloads now are under "Downloads/FildoDownloads" folder to avoid filling the downloads folder with files and folders.
  • By default Fildo only will use Netease and VK, you can add QQMusic or Huawei under "Configuration" but remember these doesnt work all the time.
  • Fix bug with splashscreen when you started app previously (stay forever on splahscreen).
  • Now you can add or remove a song to existent Playlist.